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The most professional services


For Injection machine, Free testing of the molds for customers, and we also offer the most professional technical advisory services for free.


For injection machine, the whole design and production will strictly follow the CE Standard; tracing of the production processes and inspecting reports are essentials in LARY; we will also offer free trial of molds before delivery.

After sale

Engineers will go to customer’s place for Installation, Debugging and Training; we offer at least 16 hours’ Online Services from LARY China and TECNIROLO Portugal.


Shoe Sole Injection Machine

Special design for shoe sole injection molding. It’s a professional machine with high efficiency, high products quality, less labor cost and less waste material.

Rubber Injection Machine

Compared with the traditional Rubber Flat Vulcanizing Machine, it has high efficiency, high products quality, low labor cost and less waste material.


Rubber sole injection machine.Compared with the traditional flat rubber machine, a finished product high quality, high efficiency, low waste, low labor costs, etc.

3D Shoe Last Scanner

Using the latest structured light 3Dscanning technology. And it is possible now 3D scan with texture and color, it makes the designing more convenient.

3D Shoe Design Software

- 3D shoe design software 

- 3D shoe sole design software

- 3D tools maker


3D Printer

Industrial grade 3D printer with Stereo Lithography Appearance technology, the precision is 0.1mm. It can print almost all of the complex shapes.


LARY inherited from Portugal TECNIROLO Engenharia Industrial SA. Products more than 20 years in the footwear industry technology and experience.

From the design, manufacture to batch production, to provide customers with professional equipments, products and solutions.

about LARY


Lary came from Europe, joint venture with Portugal TECNIROLO LDA.

Lary is an engineering & Manufacturing enterprise, Inherited the concept to provide best services which our headquarters (TECNIROLO) has serving customers in Europe for more than twenty years, Lary committed to spread shoe industry technology and developt Rubber Injection technology.Current products include: rubber shoe sole injection molding machine, high precision high speed rubber injection machine, 3D scanner for shoe last, 3D printer, 3D shoe/footwear design software, etc. Before end of 2017, we will have automatic phylon molding machines go to market.

The functional strategy of Lary/Tecnirolo is to carry out a complete project, that is, not only the commercialization of products, but also an exhaustive study of the market; To know the needs of our customers, to offer them the best product and finally, to maintain a direct contact in order to prove the perfect functionality of the solutions, complemented with a technical training, of high level, and a personalized assistance of excellence.


Our mission is oriented to the permanent technological evolution of the industrial sector, the economy competitive strategy is constantly observed in global market trends, to be a privileged partner Industrial Engineering Solutions Provider.


Our Vision is to evolve technologically, in continuous improvement, anticipating the challenges facing the industry in particular and the economy in general. Be attentive and influence the new trends for the industrial sector.

Our Star Customers

Grendene, founded in 1971, is one of the world’s largest producers of footwear. It has exclusive proprietary technologies in the production of footwear for the women’s,men’s and children’s markets. It owns successful, widely-known brands, including Melissa, Grendha, Zaxy, Rider, Cartago, Ipanema, Pega Forte, Grendene Kids and Zizou.
BOLFLEX is a market leader company, expert in the footwear components sector, with consolidated skills and credit in the production and supply of soles for the European footwear industry. The project began in 1992. With its know-how, its experience and modern machinery, the main focus is in the production of rubber soles.


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