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The main factors of affecting the vulcanization of rubber

The main factors of affecting the vulcanization of rubber

Update Time:2017-08-24

What's the main factors of affecting the vulcanization of rubber? In fact ,there are mianly three factors.

1. Vulcanizing ulcanizing temperature. The vulcanization temperature is the basic condition of the vulcanization reaction (crosslinking reaction) for the rubber, which directly affects the vulcanization's speed and the product's quality. The higher the vulcanization temperature are, the faster the curing rate be, the higher the productivity be, and it's easier to produce more of the low sulfur crosslinking bonds. However, the overheating temperature will lead to cross-linking key fracture, a "vulcanization back to the original" phenomenon, so that the physical and mechanical performance of vulcanized rubber are better. Usually the choice of vulcanization temperature need to consider the type of compound, the type of vulcanization system in the formula and the type of product.

2.Vulcanizing  pressure, most rubber products in the vulcanization requires to impose a certain pressure. The functions of vulcanization pressure is mainly as follows:
A. To prevent the rubber cause bubbles in the vulcanization process, it need to improve the air tightness of product 
B. The rubber need enough press to make it full-fill the cavity
C. Improving the adhesion of rubber and cord fibric,also the flex resistance of the product.
D. Improving the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber.
Usually the pressure of the vulcanization of the selection principle: the material quality of the soft pressure should be small, the quality of the pressure should be large; thin-walled products should be small pressure, thick-walled products should be large pressure; product structure is simple pressure should be small, complex structure pressure Large; vulcanization temperature is high, the vulcanization pressure can be smaller.

3.  Vulcanizing  time.
At a certain temperature and pressure of molding, in order to make the plastic from plastic into elastic, and maximize the cross-linking density, the best time to optimize  physical and mechanical properties is called the vulcanization time of rubber products. Rubber vulcanizing time and rubber vulcanizing temperature is closely related to the vulcanization process.When the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber of reach or be close to the best point, the degree of vulcanization is called vulcanization or the best vulcanization. The curing time requires to achieve the positive vulcanization is called the positive vulcanizing time, and the vulcanizing temperature corresponds to a certain vulcanizing time. When the curing time is too short, the degree of curing is insufficient;When the curing time is too long, the degree of vulcanization is too high.

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