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3D Shoe Design Software

3D Shoe Design Software
3D Shoe Design software came from Europe—the most professional one
- A software designs visual effects and also can be used in CAM production
- Special surface modeling technology and dozens of practical functions for shoe designing
- Perfect integration with Lary 3D scanner, based on 3D shoe last model file for designing upper shoe, inner shoe, shoe sole and shoe mold which ignores repetitive modeling operations.

1. A software with several kinds of curve modeling technologies makes the extremely complicated 3D model design easier. The designers can realize all of their ideas by the software easily.
2. The unique solid-surface hybrid modelling technology makes all the upper shoe, design pattern and inner sole accurately attached to the 3D shoe last modeling to ensure the comfort of finished shoes.
3. All design data can be directly applied to mold design, 3D printing, or CNC processing with CAM software to avoid repeated modeling, and ultimately use in the production process
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