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Geox and W.L. Gore & Associates reach agreement on

Geox and W.L. Gore & Associates reach agreement on

July 18,2013

Date: 1 March 2013, Place: UK. The Italian shoe & fashion brand Geox and W.L. Gore & Associates havereached an agreement and declared an end to their current disputes regardingcertain GEOX patents in respect of GORE-TEX® Footwear with Gore’s SURROUND? Product Technology. The agreement reached also resolves all legal disputes between Geox and Gore brand partners and retailers. The disputes had been triggered by the launch of Gore's SURROUND? Product Technology, which was followed by legal measures in several European countries to secure the intellectual property.

Geox and Gore have agreed that Geox will grant to Gore a long-term license of certain Geox’s patents from its IP portfolio, concerning “The shoe that breathes”. Furthermore Gore reaches legal certainty that Geox will not assertcertain patent rights against Gore for shoes with constructions that are out of the license scope and that have been developed by Gore.

"We are pleased to have reached this agreement as it confirms our philosophy with regard to our patent portfolio and our know-how and, moreover, encourages us to follow our strategy which is ‘to protect at the best our ideas and our creativity’.", said Giorgio Presca, CEO of Geox.

"The agreement reached provides certainty about the respective patent portfolios and protects the intellectual property of both parties. Our brand partners and retailers can now concentrate on what is important when it comes to Gore’s SURROUND? Product Technologies: Developing and marketing new shoe designs providing 360° climate comfort and waterproofness.", said Christian Langer, Global Business Leader of GORE-TEX® Footwear.