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Cosyfeet celebrate 30 years in business

Cosyfeet celebrate 30 years in business

July 18,2013

Cosyfeet, who specialise in footwear for people with swollen and extra-wide feet, are celebrating 30 years in business this year. The company puts its success down to its ability to the adapt its extra wide EEEEE+ footwear styles to meet the needs of an ever more fashion conscious customer base.

Typical Cosyfeet customers include elderly people with swollen feet and diabetes, plus an increasing number of younger sufferers due to the increase in obesity.

Cosyfeet was started in Bristol by a husband and wife team who realised the great need that existed for extra roomy footwear. Initially they launched just three shoe styles using a back bedroom as an office and a garage as a warehouse. The business was a success and in 1991 it was bought by David Price, a former manager with Street-based Clarks shoes.

Using his wealth of experience in the shoe trade, David Price was able to expand the business at its current location in Street. He placed great emphasis on developing and improving styles based on customer feedback, creating shoes that fitted well, offered support and comfort, and were aesthetically pleasing.

In 2011, having nurtured the business for 20 years, David Price sold Cosyfeet to its Executive Board, who together have over 30 years combined experience working with the company.

Cosyfeet is now led by Managing Director Andrew Peirce, who has an evolution not revolution approach to the business.

“The Company is a good one, made up of many excellent & committed people,” says Andrew Peirce. “We’ve weathered the recent challenging economic conditions well and we’re excited about the future.”

Peirce goes on to say, “Looking ahead we intend to uphold the company’s core values of excellent product and first class customer service.”

Cosyfeet was the first British company to make footwear for people with swollen feet. Thirty years on it still offers the biggest range of extra roomy shoes and slippers on the market.