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Automatic Continuous Reclaimed Rubber Powder Production Line

Automatic Continuous Reclaimed Rubber Powder Production Line

Lary brand new generation environmental protection type of waste rubber reclaimed machine
a, combined Fast Desulfurization Method, Extrusion Method, Dynamic Method and Plasticizing Method together
b, high yield and low energy consumption
c, no sewage and waste gas discharge
d, high recycling rate
e, high quality reclaimed rubber
f, high stability for both production and quality
g, low Mooney viscosity
h, less rebound
i, automation and save labor cost
j, easy operation
k, strong durability
l, low breakdown rate
m, quick service and maintenances
n, small area requirement for installation
o, certificated by ROHS, CE etc..

Wide Usage:
a, fit for waste rubber plasticizing&reviving
b, manufacturing activated rubber powder

a, automatic feeding system,
b, automatic measurement system
c, automatic mixing system
d, recovering & reviving system
e, pressure regulating device
f, cutting device
g, cooling device
h, electric control system, etc..

The complete set of automatic control system makes full use of the touch screen technology and PLC(programmable logic controller)technology, ensure the reliability, stability and fault tolerance by software development and communication development. It realize centralized management and decentralized control.

Machine Model:
TL-LARY130 Size: 7000mm*1300mm*3000mm output: 300-500KG/Hour
TL-LARY160 Size: 9000mm*1300mm*3000mm output: 300-500KG/Hour
TL-LARY180 Size: 10000mm*1300mm*3000mm output: 300-500KG/Hour

Rated voltage: three-phase 380V/400V, etc. are available (according to customer’s requirements)
Frequency: 0-50HZ
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